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(aka The Great Masterpiece)

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The Great Masterpiece

The Story was certainly dramatic enough. A large mosaic, "The Great Masterpiece," faithfully reproducing da Vinci's famous "Last Supper" painting, had to be smuggled out of Europe under wraps in order to save it from the advancing, art stealing, Nazis.

Great Masterpiece from the air

It found a home in a peaceful garden just north of Lake Wales, off of US 27, where viewings were held for the contemplation and inspiration of the faithful.

Train Ride

But by the 1960's, inspiration just wasn't enough. Amusement was added, in the form of animal shows, a train ride, and sky ride. The park's name was changed to Masterpiece Gardens to reflect the expansion, but it was still unsuccessful.

Wishing well and sky ride at Masterpiece Gardens

Today the former attraction has become an Assemblies of God church camp. The rides and animals are gone, and the mosaic has also finally been sold and removed.

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Postcard images and photo courtesy Florida State Archives Photographic Collection.

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