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Skull Kingdom

Orlando's haunts have a way of, well, dying off.

Skull Kingdom, once housed in an ominous, skull-fronted castle on one of International Drive's most visible corners -- right across from Wet 'n Wild, has given up the ghosts. The walk through haunted attraction first opened its creaking doors in 1993, closed them quickly for a quick retrofit, then reopened again about a week later, something the superstitious might have considered a bad omen. But the attraction benefited from the 1999 demise of Terror on Church Street, picking up new scenes and gags from that attraction's final auction, and by 2003 The Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts organization had named it a “Top 10 Favorite Walkthrough Attraction”.

In addition to the walkthrough attraction, Skull Kingdom also featured a nightly magic show in an attempt to tempt more tourists to enter the kingdom, but, the older the attraction became, the more visitation dropped off. Skull Kingdom finally closed in November, 2006, to make way for a planned apartment building.

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